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Memorial 5K Race Website and Logo

The ReWarding 5K


The ReWarding 5K is a memorial race created in honor of Adam F. Ward, a dedicated teacher, coach, friend and family member that lost his brief battle with Hepatosplenic T cell Lymphoma in Nov. 2020. 

The purpose of the website is to house information about the race as well as integrate with the organization’s race management tool, 

The ReWarding 5K needed a dynamic, active look and feel that matched the energy and strength of the event. Front and center of the event is Adam Ward, the man being honored for the event.

Event organizers needed a simple-to-update, easy to use CMS with different page templates for the homepage, section pages, and blog pages. The decision was made to leverage WordPress as the simplest avenue. 

Logo Creation

The main logo includes the “beard icon”, which became synonymous with Adam, along with the name of the event in strong, bolded font matching the website. 

The logo includes the event date and location built in, tying together the elements.  


The ReWarding 5K


Dec. 2020


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